Friday, September 26, 2008

All For A Pastry

I told Tony last night we were out of diapers and Zach needed money for homecoming so I asked if he would run to the store in the morning. Well this morning Rachelle came in to give me a message from dad~Circle K didn't have any diapers. Umm.. Okay?

Whatever, so I head to the store at 6:30 to grab diapers, milk and some lunch goods. When I was done I noticed the new dunkin donuts had just opened. I thought hmm I haven't had a good ol cake donut from a doughnut shop in a long long time so I decided to grab a dozen for breakfast!

I went in and there was a line clear to the back of the store. I swear I think it is the new neighborhood drug of choice.

Nutso in there! I was going to leave but a woman managed to convince me that the wait wasn't bad only a few minutes. I decided to wait and after about 10 minutes I was getting pissed! There just ain't no donut this delicious! I had waited that long already, so I wasn't about to leave until I got my goods!

I think this town is pastry deprived! I couldn't believe the levels people would go to to score one myself included! Did I really just spend almost twenty minutes waiting for a donut?

Well~ I have milk, diapers, and the breakfast of coke and the hottest ticket in town..
I guess life is good!


Shelli said...

Maybe for a Krispy Kreme, but Dunkin' Donuts? I don't think so!

Britta said...

I have to admit I have been waiting for it to open. Last night I was craving one...we had one right by us growing up. I went in and I couldn't bring myself to spend $8 for a dozen. Thank goodness I'm cheap- I probably would have eaten at least 6 (the kids were asleep) and then I'd have felt like crap all night. I probably saved myself 3000 + calories by being CHEAP!

raising4boys said...

Mmm Donuts! Too funny. Hope it tasted sooo good.

goingsome said...

I know. It seems that we are donut deprived in AZ. When I was at the last PTA meeting the parents were all excited about Dunkin Donuts opening. I guess I am not excited easily, though Dunkin Donuts is my favorite. I didn't realize it was that big of an event.

Ginger said...

This was a very, very cruel blog. I immediately craved donuts. I wouldn't have thought about it if it wasn't for you. So I made Jim go to Wedekings for 4 glaze donut twists. I thought that would solve the problem and I would be over it. Well, I ate 2, got sick (my gall bladder removed doesn't like me to eat fat) and now I am being tortured by the remaining 2 on the counter.

Cara said...

I went on free day - everything was free! The problem was...the donuts weren't good. I guess I'm a Krispy Kream gal - and for free you would think they were the best things around. My kids wouldn't even eat them. (I think they were still practicing)