Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lieberman Rocks!

OK, I know that it is probably not wise to talk politics since it can get dicey, but hey, he IS a Dem and I AM a Republican so I am going to do it anyhow! Maybe we can agree or agree to disagree!So~Did you get a chance to see Joe Lieberman's speech last night at the Republican convention? Umm freakin amazing! I love this man! You know why? He goes with his conscience..always. not party lines, but what he thinks is the right thing to do. Wow. A politician in Washington that has some actual moral character!
People were pissed at the talk of McCain having him as a running mate. I totally would have voted for him. I think what you see is what you get. I love that about him. Republican, Democrat, or independent. We need more politicians like him. Those who will vote and act on what they think is best for our country and not what they are told to do!
Dems panties are in a bunch today and it has me giggling! Here is "the quote" that I have seen all over the Internet that pissed them off the most! He said "eloquence is no substitute for a record." When referring to Barrack Obama! Another fantastic line "In the Senate, [Obama] has not reached across party lines to get anything significant done, nor has he been willing to take on powerful interest groups in the Democratic Party,"
Now I find it funny that the Dems are saying how could he do this to our party? Umm could it be that you tried to out him and he had to run independently? Hello? If they had a brain they'd take it out and play with it!
Anyhow, I just had to say I love this guy. I only wish he were running for pres instead of the other two. At least I would know for sure what we were getting!
Lieberman Rocks!



I love him too. He is honest and true to himself. He was way better than Kerry was. I wish that all politicians would really work to do what is right and not what their parties want them to do. They need to remember they are there to serve the people and not themselves, the special interest groups, or the pollsters. I would rather have a low approval rating and do the right thing than be a rock star with dirty hands!

Jenifer said...

I didn't see it, but I did read about it. WooHoo! I love Sarah Palin so much. I would love to see her get in and I'll take all the help we can get!

Shelli said...

He was awesome, I agree! It is refreshing to see a politician who follows principle instead of polls. I'm looking forward to hearing from Sarah Palin tonight. Not sure yet if I like her ... still wanted Romney. Oh, well, obviously I'm not running the country!

Ginger said...

I loved his speech. If I had my way we would eliminate both parties and just vote for people and leave the big shots out of it.

goingsome said...

I would love to see the day when we had more choices for President. It is always so discouraging when we have to chose between 2 candidates. How about being able to chose from 5 or 6 candidates, then it would be more of a choice.

tammy said...

I have loved watching the RNC. Lots of good things being said. I don't vote for one specific party, but I can't help but love McCain now with his choice of running mate.