Friday, December 26, 2008

Was Your Christmas Merry?

Mine started out a little tentative I have to admit. Ladies..I am sure you will side with me on this I swear!
It began the night before my birthday. Grace broke my crockpot and I was telling Tony I am in deep trouble here without my crockpot! So for my birthday the next day I unwrapped a crockpot for my gift. Not my favorite present by far! Whatever!
So Christmas Eve Tony gives me one gift to open from him. He swears it is so fantastic! I am going to love it! He really talks it up! I am getting super excited! So.. I tear into it with anticipation and excitement! And..what is it?? A electric knife sharpener! What the? Are you crazy I asked him? What next? Is Santa bringing me a vacuum tomorrow I ask? If so I swear I might go postal!

Fortunatly for Santa and the family I did not recieve a Vacuum or any other appliance on Christmas day and everyone was saved from me having a selfish Christmas meltdown!

In fact the day turned out to be delightful!

Here are some of my favorite things about the day~

Favorite gift received~ Photoshop Elements 7.0~ Good one Tony...really, really good! Much better than the sharpener fo shure!

Favorite Saying of the day~ Bailey when after openeing all the presents she did a little dance then jumped in the air and said "YES!!! I got lots and lots of presents! I guess Santa Can't see me all the time after all!" I guess she wasn't all good all the time and she was a little worried about how the bad times might have affected her loot!

Favorite Moment~The girls coming into the living room and seeing the presents and stockings for the first time! They were so,so cute! it was great listening to them as they opened the stockings!

Favorite Food of the Day~ All of it! It was so good. Rib roast, potatoes, dressing, rolls, pie..the works!

Favorite Act Of Kindness for the Day~ Tony letting me go back to sleep for another TWO hours after presents! And he helped with the picking up and supervising of the kids. It made a much nicer day for me to not have to do it all!

It was a wonderful day. Watching my kids open presents and seeing the excitement in their faces was priceless. They were so sweet and shared everything and were so happy for each other. The older kids helped the younger ones and even helped me.

I didn't lose it once. Yeah me!

It turned out to be a very merry Christmas indeed!

How about you? Was your Christmas Merry?


KLS said...

My Christmas was not very good. I woke up and went to work at work 7:30 AM. I got off around 3:00 PM. Then I went home and watched all the great stuff my family was doing via Skype, and then I sat down, ate a bowl of cereal, watched TV and then went to bed. Christmas is never good for me in HI. I always spend it alone. I am glad you had a great day. It looked wonderful.

RhondaLue said...

Well now I'm just sad for KLS. :(
I wish I could have telported you home for the holidays!

We had a nice holiday-see my recent post (and another tomorrow) to see the fun.

Mike, Suzann and Family said...

We had a great Christmas. Glad to hear you guys did too. I always do the same thing you do. Buy more than I realized and then I stay up until 3am wrapping. I was ahead of myself this year though and got all my wrapping done the week before! Loved Bailey's comment. That is so darned cute! I love Christmas! Sad it is already over though.


I am so glad that you had such a fun Christmas! I think mom and dad spoiled us and we expect so much out of the experience. It is a great day, though! I am the same way about buying too much. Brent is trying to reign me in but it doesn't work.

Cheffie-Mom said...

My Christmas was very Merry! (: Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos. Happy New Year to you and your family!