Sunday, December 21, 2008

52 Blessings Project~ Week 50

This Week I Am Grateful For~ A Sense Of Humor

I have found myself getting a bit frazzled and sometimes just plain angry with the hustle and bustle of Christmas preparation and kids and keeping up with the house and life.

Several times I have had Grace or Bailey say something so funny that just when I feel like I am going to cry I find myself laughing!

Well that same thing happened last week in the Circle K. I was frustrated, angry and feeling overwhelmed. I left the house to take a breather and go get a soda. I swear I was so on edge that I was trying not to cry when I walked into the store. I wasn't paying attention very well and almost ran smack into this huge, huge black woman. I stopped just short of ramming her and she was giving me the dirtiest look. I gave her a once over and almost started laughing out loud. I SERIOUSLY couldn't believe what I saw! She had a gold cap on her tooth.She had a gold hairpiece in her head, a HUGE pair of hoop earrings in the upper cartilage part of her ear, another bigger pair in her ears, A gold purse, a gold shirt, pants with gold stitching down the leg and to top the eye catching, sparkly ensemble off she had on a pair of gold sneakers! Freaking AWESOME!!!! I mean who has the guts to wear something like that?

So I get my soda, and I notice this scrawny, little white boy. He is trying to look all pimped out. Gold hat.He has his pants below his butt cheeks,ALL the way below and he also has lots of gold jewelry on. I couldn't believe my luck getting to see TWO people so blinged out and over the top And then... they met up~yes! They were together! How could I not have guessed?

Then I was blocking the cheese sauce for nachos when I was putting the lid on my soda and they asked me to move cause they needed to sneak some cheese onto their chips. They each had a bag of chips. One was Cheetos and one was Funnyuns. They told me it was the most delicious treat and I should give it a try. They then opened their bags and loaded on the cheese.LOADED IT! Trashy goodness or just trashy? Hmmm!

Not sure why but the whole thing cracked me up. Hope I didn't offend them but I was laughing my butt off by this time.

And by the time I left Circle K my mood had done a 180.

Strange but I have had things like this happen alot the last two weeks or so. I am angry or frustrated and then something happens that makes me laugh and seems to right everything for the moment and for that I am grateful
PS~ Rhonda Lu just mentioned I shoulda used my camera phone! I KNOW!!! I was so bummed cause that is totally what I wanted to do! My phone broke and I am using a crap little phone with no camera! RhondaLu has the best photos she captured with her cell phone! I love seeing them!I am totally going to have to capture some of the great photos you do!


RhondaLue said...


You need to use your cell phone camera in moments like those to share the golden splendor to the world!!!!!!!!!! ha ha (but even I'm too chicken to use it sometimes!)

So funny! Those blinged out buddies were angels sent to make you smile. Or laugh. Or both. I've had those same moments. I hate trying not to cry, it's quite the task when the tears want to come isn't it!??

Crazymamaof6 said...

i'm on the verge too!
this is hilarious! what a funny looking couple!

hang in there! sounds like you can at least find the humor in life even when stressed.

Ginger said...

I wish I could have been there! It made the whole trip worth while. And you got a soda! What a great day. My question is, Did you try the chips with cheese?

Shelli said...

Can I post that on my recipe blog ;)? It is nice to run into funny things when you're about to lose it. Hope God sends some of those my way!