Friday, December 26, 2008

Low Key Christmas Eve

Kind of strange not being with my whole family for Christmas Eve. I feel kind of lost as to what to do sometimes! It feels off if we don't have 30 or more people gathered for dinner, caroling and presents.

This year I decided to keep it low key. Not many expectations, just to enjoy the night with the family. That's exactly what we did. Instead of cooking a huge meal I bought deli meats and we made sandwiches and had chips, dips and crackers and cheese.

We opened presents then headed out to the Mesa Temple to look at the lights.They were amazing and helped me feel in the holiday mood a little more!

By the time we got home the lil ones were exhausted so I sent them to bed and the wrapping began! I don't know how I manage to do this every year but somehow I forget what I have bought and I end with more crap than is necessary. I worry and worry I don't have enough and in the end it is always the family joke when we pull everything out and I find lots of stuff I had forgotten about!

You could tell Zachary and Rachelle were excited for the morning as they helped with the wrapping and commented on how fun it would be to see the kids open the presents

So~ Even though it was a low key Christmas Eve I have to say it was nice.

I hope all of you had fantastic evenings as well!

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Great pictures! How nice and relaxed. That was the plan for us this year as well, but Brent invited the Elders to join us singing. I found out about it about an hour before we were going! Nice, eh?!