Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bailey's Preschool Christmas Program

Yesterday was Bailey's Christmas program at preschool and let me tell you it was stinking fantastic! her teacher outdid herself!

When we walked in they had tables set up with all the little gingerbread houses that the kids made along with a Angel they made and pictures of each child. Bailey's picture was probably the cutest picture taken I am fairly certain! It made the whole room look so festive.

Once the kids were all settled the program began.To start off they had a prayer. I loved that. It is so unusual today to have prayer anymore in public and I loved that there were people gathered from all religious backgrounds and we started the program off with prayer.Especially at Christmas. A little boy in her class offered the prayer and it was so sweet. The songs then began.The kids were so dang cute. Bailey was totally into it.I was surprised.

They had the cutest props, great songs and I actually loved watching the whole thing

After the program we had lunch and then the kids go to sit on Santa's lap!

It was a fun, fun day and I am even more impressed with Mrs McClure now than I was before!It takes a miracle worker to pull of what she did!

I hope she knows how much we appreciate all her hard work and love she put into this!


goingsome said...

Love the pics. So cute. Nothing makes me happier to see pray in public. I love that NASCAR even prays before every race.

It just makes the holiday to see people celebrating CHRISTMAS. It is Christmas afterall.

Merry Christmas and God Bless!!!!

RhondaLue said...

that IS the cutest pic everrr!! How fun to watch!


How fun! What a great program they have! You really scored. I am impressed.