Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Cookie Exchange!

Today was my cookie exchange! It was a ton of work getting ready for it but I have to say it was more than worth it!

I went to Walmart and asked for some of their donut boxes. They didn't even charge me for them.I got them for free. I love free!

I wanted to jazz them up a bit and make them a little more festive so I added the little gingerbread men and the trees and stars.They turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself Pretty humble I know..that's just who I am!

I invited 7 people but only 5 could come I was a little worried but that ended up being just perfect. Everyone brought their kids and they had so much fun playing. We had a yummy lunch then we started the swap.

Now I would have tons more photos but I have a sad tale to tell...I had almost all of the house clean,but not my room! In fact my room is a total dump right now. Seriously sick. So I was walking by my room and saw Bailey in there with some of the her friends and I just about died! I just knew that one of the ladies was going to walk by and gag if they saw it so I had to resort to drastic measures and lock the door! camera was in the room! And...I have no clue how to open the door by myself when it is locked!I am so bugged. No pictures of my friends, no pictures of the food, no pictures of the kids playing. UGGHHH! I was in blogger hell for a moment there.

But~ I do have a picture of the boxes I made before the party and I have a picture of all the yummy cookies after the party when Rachelle came home and opened my door for me! SO I will post those and you will just have to imagine how fabulous the other photos would have been if I had cleaned my room!
Don't the cookies look so cute in the box?

Oh.. and I made up a treat plate to take visit teaching tomorrow. Look how cute it is! I LOVE Cookie exchanges! Warning ladies...I am going to do it again next year so you might want to begin now and start baking by next month Ü
Can't wait to do it again!


goingsome said...

It was so much fun. Our little one had a blast. I guess he is starting to feel comfortable at your house, since he started taking off his sweater, then his shirt. I knew it was time to go when he wanted to take off his shoes, cause next would be his pants. When he is comfortable he prefers to be in only underpants.

Thanks for being a sport wth my cookie mishap. After I got home I put my homemade cookies in the box too and they actually looked good. I should have just pushed through and brought them. MAYBE if you would have answered your phone with my distress call I could have pulled it off with a little tutoring :).

Next year I will plan ahead and know that it will take time to perfect them.

I was just trying to live up to your beautiful cookies, you cookie goddess. :)

Thanks we had fun!!!!!

goingsome said...

P.S. After your cute party with the cute decorations and great food, it makes it hard to compete with that. Not that we compete, though :)

You did a great job!!!!!!!!


RhondaLue said...

How fun are YOU???

Ok those donut boxes are such a great idea! Where do you come up with this?

Also, were those stickers on the box or what? A-DOR-A-BLE!!!!

Wish I could've come!

pam said...

That looks so good!!

Shelli said...

You're crazy!!! It looks like it was super fun. I'm still doing cookies (will post later) but I've given up on the exchange thing for awhile until I can get my house clean enough for company. Are you going to post recipes? Those cupcake thingies look great!

Cheffie-Mom said...

OMG! You did a wonderful job! The cookies look delicious and the boxes are great!

Jenifer said...

Sounds like so much fun! Mucho disappointment on my end. Love the box idea. Genius!

The Van Dam Clan said...

Okay - so you are amazing! Thanks for including me, it was great! The boxes are beyond cute! So much fun!

Ginger said...

I love the way everything came out. I am sure everyone had a great time. Share your recipe for the Christmas Trees. They look like something I need to try.


I am so jealous. I am such a slug that I am not even doing cookies this year! I am so pathetic. I love your trees they look great!

Britta said...

You are amazing. Your cookies were so good that I did not want to give them away. The food was awesome! Put me on your list for next year, Martha Steward- only let us help out with the spread. You went to tons of work and I so appreciate it! I know you gave me that "RedNeck cheese ball" recipe- but I'm not sure I'll remember all of it- I need recipes for all of those cookies- amazing.