Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Ethan!!!

Ethan James,

My big old boy. Where did the time go? With you it always flies by. You keep me so busy I don't really have time to sit back and reflect too much!

This past year has been a year of huge changes for you. Mostly you went from being this really mellow, easy going little guy into being a wild, funny, crazy kid!

When Zachary was 2 he was pretty mellow. Very easy. But I have to say you~ Well, you shock me! I didn't realize a kid could be so BOY! So busy! So into EVERYTHING!

I get a chuckle when people offer to watch you and when they drop you off they exclaim~ "Wow! He is alot of work isn't he?" Of course they always tell me you weren't bad or anything, just busy. Into everything! And yes you really are! It seems as if you never stop. You have two speeds. Full speed and off. No in between.

This year you have developed a love for whacking things. Cats, sisters, bushes, your dad. Whatever you can hit with a stick the better. When your dad bought you a light saber last month I thought we were in deep, deep trouble. Fortunately the damage has been minimal and you love that thing!

You love being outside and exploring. You love finding bugs and parts of birds and lizards that the cats have killed. Yuck! We had a pretty hairy week there when you thought it was hilarious to throw half eaten lizard bodies or a bird's foot on me. My screaming cracked you up and you did it over and over again! I thought I was going to have a heart attack over it.

You love cars, and trucks, dinosaurs, you dad,pizza and swimming. Your favorite movie is Madagascar 2 and you could watch it everyday, several times a day.

Lately you have been walking all around the house singing the song Moto Moto the hippo sings...I like em big..I like em chunky. Hmm. Maybe that's why you love me so much? Anyhow, your older brother and sister actually downloaded the song onto their ipods so they could play it for you over and over again and it delights you every time!

Your brothers and sisters love you so much as you do them!

Your dad loves that stupid movie as much as you do and the two of you often watch it together sometimes two times in a row.Your daddy is your best friend and you love hanging out with him. He gets up early every Saturday morning and the two of you hang out. Go to the store together, tinker around the yard, and watch Star Wars Clone Wars. It is kind of funny and yet very sweet that during the week you are my little buddy following me around but on Saturday it is all about dad. I could be chopped liver for all you notice me.

I am shocked at how much bigger you are than your sisters. You outweigh them and are in bigger sizes of clothes than them. You are a rock solid, a chunk and I love it. I am always gobbling up those fat cheeks!

You bring so much fun and love into this family and I simply can't imagine not having you a part of it!

I love, love, love you and can't wait to see what the next year brings! Happy Birthday big guy!!!
Here are some things your family loves about you~
Dad~You're chunky! You say funny things. You are so snuggly. I love the way you look at me sideways when you are being tricky!
Zach~ I love how energetic he is. He is a man's man. He fits in with the boys.
Rachelle~ How cute and rambunctious he is
Hannah~ I love how wild, crazy and fun he is yet he is also snuggly
Bailey~How he lets go of balloons so easily. I love him coloring with me.
Grace~ He plays with me.


Kricket said...

The toilet jacuzzi cracks me up. Wow! Can you believe how fast they grow up?

Cheffie-Mom said...

Happy Birthday Ethan!

Ginger said...

He is so much fun, but he is a whirlwind. Happy Birthday to a special boy.