Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Bailey!!!

My sweet girl Bailey~

I'm feelin kinda weepy today. I can't believe that today you turned 5! Time is passing way too fast for me and I'm worried I'm not taking the time to enjoy each and every second of your being my little girl.

I think back to one of my very favorite memories of you. You were only two years old and just as you do now you were sleeping in my bed. I woke up with this strange feeling of being watched. I opened my eyes and you were wide awake. Staring at my face. You put both hands on my cheeks and put your face right up to mine so our noses were almost touching and in the sweetest voice I have ever heard you whispered "you the bestest mommy eva" It melted my heart. That sweet side of you is one of my favorite things about you.

You are so kind and gentle with everyone you are around. Friends, brothers, sisters,school mates. People are always telling me they just can't get over what a sweet girl you are. I just smile and say "Yeah I know!" And my heart swells with love.

This past year has been a fun one. Watching you as you have grown and changed. You are getting so big. I love watching the make believe games you play with Grace.You have quite the imagination and I love hearing you explain to Grace the way things are. I got a chuckle out of you telling me that you had changed Ethan's poopy diaper for me because I had been throwing up all morning. You were so proud of the fact that you changed it and that it was "pretty disgusting"

You've developed a bit of a mischievious side and that is OK with us! It's good to see that sass come out sometimes!

I get frustrated with you sometimes because you will change clothes five, six, even seven times a day. You love dressing up. You are all about the clothes, the hair, the accessories. I had to smile when we went to Gymboree and you told your dad and I you were in charge. Cause you know just what looks cute on you. And you had to choose the shirt, and the pants, and a necklace to go with the outfit and a purse. And a headband. And we bought it all. And you kept telling me how people just weren't going to believe how totally cute you are. I think you have more fashion sense at the age of five than your mom does the age of 29....errr ok..29 and a half....! You are a little diva.

Your older brother and sister love training you like a little dog. They like to make you say things (like wassup Zach, bust homie) and other stupid stuff. They like showing you funky handshakes, and different dance moves. I think you are their pet and you love it!

Some of your favorite things are gardening with your dad, anything princess, barbies, flowers,shrimp,kittens, watching cartoons and playing with friends.

This is the first year you have attended preschool and you did so well! It was so hard on you everytime you were sick and had to miss days! You loved Ms McClure and she loved you.I think you will miss having her for a teacher but you are now ready for kindergarten and super excited to begin. I am not so sure I am though. Like I said...time feels like it is slipping away and I want to savor each and every moment!

I want you to know I feel blessed each and every day that you are in my life. You make me want to scream some days, but mostly you make me smile. There isn't anything about you that I can think of that I don't love! You add so much to this family and we love you so much!

I can't wait to see what the next 5 years bring!

Happy Birthday Sweet Bailey!!!!

Here are some of the things your brothers and sisters say they love about you...

Zachary~She always brightens up my mood. She is brilliant. She is a good helper. Always willing to help me.

Rachelle~I love how spontaneos she can be. I love her willingness to snuggle. Always.

Hannah~She can pick a good fight. She has nice hair. She is sweet.

Grace~Her plays with me. She plays games. She takes pictures of moths that are big and pretty and she takes pictures of butterflies that are pretty!

Daddy~ How motherly she is. She is always looking after others. She saved Gracie twice in the pool!

She knows when someone sneaks out of the house and lets us know. She is my spy for when Zachary has girls over. She will tell me if they are kissing.

We hope you had a happy happy birthday Bailey! You are loved so much!


Kricket said...

That is so cute! They grow up so fast don't they?

Cheffie-Mom said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Bailey! My daughter's birthday is today, June 4th!

RhondaLue said...

Laurie, she's so beautiful! Happy Bday Bailey!!!!

sherry said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl! We need to have you guys over to play again, it has been a long time! Besides, I have some baby stuff for you Laurie. Let's get together!

Amber said...

I can't believe our girls our 5! To think they might be bosom buds if y'all had stuck around.

Happy belated!

:cassia marie: said...

that is so cute! oh my goodness. how wonderful.

hope all is great laurie! i want to get you guys an invite out on monday morning, but i don't have your address! can you send it to me or mom? thanks :)

those little ones do grow up fast! my goodness i remember them coming up to, what, my knees at the reunion? haha