Saturday, February 27, 2010

52 Blessings Project~ Week 6!

This Week I Am Grateful For My Bishop!

He is totally awesome. He seriously cares about the members of the ward and you can feel it.

He sends birthday cards out to all the kids for their birthdays. Grace was so funny when she got hers. He told her he loves her smile. She LOVED that! She would carry that dang card around with her and then make you read it to her. She'd give you a little giggle and say "Yeah, he likes my smile!"

What a neat impression he is leaving!

He is so good with the youth. For Zachary he even came to some of his football games. I loved that support that he showed. Poor Tony would panic when the bishop would show up and tell your mouth Lauri, DON'T humiliate us! Yeah...whatever!Haha! Good luck with that one honey...

I love that he pushes Zach a little. He has succeeded with him where I have failed. It leaves me with a feeling that I am not alone in rearing these little spirits. That Heavenly Father sends help for us.

I have had a not so great experience with a bishop before.(I know~ I shouldn't admit that)It made it hard for me to go to church.

I think because of that it makes me appreciate our bishop even more~

He is down to earth, funny, and yet a very spiritual person. He has made such a impression on all of our family. Especially the older ones.

For that I am truly grateful!!


Britta said...

I love your bishop too! My mother in law must have been in your ward (rarely went to church). She passed away last September and he was amazing! He had to deal with drunks (not me :)) and other family chaos- he handled it so well! He remembered everyone's name from the family- had never met us prior to her passing. He is truly an amazing man! I'm glad he's your bishop!

RhondaLue said...

A good Bishop makes all the difference! Yeah, when we were at Justin's fball games, one of his teammates had his Bishop there watching-pretty dang cool knowing how BUSY they are! And to make a card for each kid? WOW! He goes above and beyond, doesn't he? Yay for good bishops!

Kricket said...

I am so glad he is reaching out to you and your family. That is so important! It is amazing what an impact one person can make, especially with mouthy teens! lol