Friday, May 22, 2009

A Quick Update

I've had several people ask what the latest is so I thought I'd post a quick update as to what is going on.
I went last week to the perinatoligist. They did the level 2 ultrasound to see what was going on. They found that there had been a placental abruption but the Dr said it was very, very minor on the very edge of the placenta. The baby was in a perfect position to see the placenta. The placenta was actually in front so they felt they had a very good view of what was going on. There was no new bleeding and seemed like things have settled down. Both the hospital and the Dr office picked up minor contractions so the dr thinks that my uterus is irritable and that is causing the contractions. Umm yeah, 7 kids would wear that sucker out! So the contractions is what caused the abruption and the bleeding.
Good news is that I am stable. I have to take it easy. I told the Dr bed rest is a relative term when you have 6 kids to take care of. She feels that if I am careful, lay down immediately if I have any cramping and then head to the hospital if it persists for more than 15 minutes I should be OK.
No lifting, Minimal walking for any lengths. Take the shopping ride on carts. Be up for short periods then lay down the baby will be OK and so will the bleeding! So, I am careful. I actually spent most of the day in bed yesterday. If I hurt I lay down. The baby was 1.8 lbs and looks fantastic.
Best part? When they were doing the ultrasound they switched it to 3d and as soon as they did that the baby smiled this huge smile. She looked like she was sleeping and it was one of those cute ones they do in their sleep. When I see that I think OK, I can handle puking for 3 more months. I can do this. It doesn't feel so far away and horrific. It feels more real. I feel more of a connection. I'm actually getting kinda excited! Who would have thought?


Juli said...

I am so relieved you are doing better. I love the ultrasound, it is so clear. I am so excited for you. I love you!

KLS said...

I agree with Juli and thanks for sharing that amazing ultrasound photo.

Cheffie-Mom said...

I'm glad you and the baby are doing well. Get some rest and keep us posted. Blessings to you and your family.

Kricket said...

I'm really glad you are feeling better and taking it easy. I don't know, I can't get used to those 3D ultrasounds - bleh. But, the baby looks happy and healthy.

RhondaLue said...

That's SO wonderful! How cute is your baby?! I'll tell you. REALLLLLLY CUTE!

Keep taking it easy! I hope everything goes smooth for ya. 93 days to go! (gosh that still sounds like an awful long time-lol)

I you know if it's a girl or boy or are you waiting? I have several preggo friends and I can't keep them all straight so please forgive if You've already said!

Amber said...

Wait...what...excited? About having a baby? Good timing, too with 90 days to go. Honestly, after having such a difficult baby like Hadley, I wasn't excited about #2 until they placed him in my arms!