Monday, May 11, 2009

Atlanta Part 1!

Not sure how I am going to post this with so much stuff we did in Atlanta, but I will try to post some of our highlights from our trip to .
The first night we got in,Nana Isa and Walley Da were waiting for us at the airport with balloons and leis. It was so fun to see them again and we went from the airport to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants called Coco Loco.
Sunday Nana Isa cooked a wonderful Cuban roast chicken dinner and we were able to enjoy some time with family.
We left early Monday for Savannah. It is so beautiful there. The trip down there was a easy one and we had fun trying to identify what the road kill was! It tended to be raccoons, skunk, possum, and armadillos! Armadillos won out by far! I didn't know there were so many in this state! We were counting them and I gave up after 15! Kinda sick and fascinating all in one! Tony drew the line at stopping for me to get a picture of a dead one! kill joy tony!
We stopped at this little gas station that had farm animals and the kids got a kick out of feeding the animals!
When we got to Savannah we checked into our hotel then we headed out to explore a little before dinner. The squares there are amazing. So beautiful. For dinner we had dinner reservations at Paula Deans. As you can see from the pictures the fried chicken was delish! Ethan ate his weight in that stuff!
We rode the ferry boat and walked and had a fantastic time!
The next day we headed out to Tybee Island. It was perfect! Warm, lots of sun and the ocean was warm! I wish we could have stayed for a few more days. I didn't feel as if we had enough time to explore Savannah and Tybee so it will be on our agenda for the next trip!
Ok! so there was the first installment of our trip. Hopefully it wasn't too long winded! I'll post more later!


RhondaLue said...

not nearly as long-winded as MY post today!!!!!!!!

I love all the pics! I'm SO jealous you got to eat at Paula Dean's! She was my dad's FAVORITE so I automatically love her too. Oh and love all the butter she uses, loL!

Your kids are so beautiful! (and so are you, btw!)

Kricket said...

Wow! That looks like so much fun. I love the South. It's so different from anywhere else. I'm glad you guys got to take a vacation!