Thursday, May 14, 2009

Opinions Are Like Bum Holes....Everyone Has One And They All Stink....

I've been wanting a cute t shirt that is comfy too so I decided to load the three lil ones up and head out to the store.
I had some other errands to do so this was no easy task. They are animals and it is all I can do to corral them!
So we hit a store to get some groceries and then we get some lunch. I am about done at this point but was determined to get that dang shirt.
We head into the store and I find a few cute shirts to try on and I give them to the sales woman to put into a room.
I then notice some really cute bras and I head over to check them out. I have jungle boobs nowadays. You know...they could be in National Geographic. Breastfeeding 6 kids has not been kind on them. So I am thinking maybe a cute bra with some lift would be nice. Make me feel sexier than a jungle woman. I choose a few and hand them to the salesgirl. I look some more then head to the dressing room.( I am of course tired, hot and irritated by now)
The girl in charge of the dressing room looks at Bailey, Grace, and Ethan and says Oh my you have your hand full. Are any of them twins? I say no. They are just close in age. She then asks if I am pregnant to which I say yes. She then ROLLS her eyes ( so freaking dramatic like)and says right~and you need Lingerie why??? I later hear her cracking a joke with the other sales girl as we are leaving. Ok..bite me...
Gee the jokes just keep coming....even from complete strangers. Glad I could give her something to laugh about today. Why does everyone have a opinion about me having another and why do they feel the need to voice it? Sheesh. Enough said.



That totally ticks me off. I know my family and my Father in Heaven does too. Nobody else is entitled to know how many kids I will or will not have. It is between me, Brent and the Lord - not some judgmental "friend" (I hate those!) or some idiot sales girl. You should call her manager and rip them a new butt hole. She had no right to be so rude.

On a more spiritual note. Her is what Sister Susan W. Tanner said about the commandment to multiply and replenish the earth in the worldwide leadership training meeting: "As I’ve thought about that commandment remaining in force, I really believe that it’s correct, and I believe that it requires of us great faith and great courage and often great sacrifice. I think it requires us to be in tune with the Lord to receive personal revelation, and I think it requires a pure heart so that we are not judgmental of other people who are exercising their faith and having their own personal revelation in regard to that commandment."

Just know that you are not alone in this trial/blessing and we who are in it too get it. We know that the Lord doesn't always ask you to what is easy but he does bless our obedience. Whenever I would struggle during pregnancy I would find some quite time and just imagine holding my sweet baby and nursing him and looking into his beautiful eyes. Even on the worst days - it is worth it!

Crazymamaof6 said...

ok loved Dani's quote she shared. i think i'll pass that on to the hubs, and the inlaws (who suck)

but seriously i know you can handle it when i say WHAT A BITCH! seriously she shouldn't have said anything at all to you. i'd call and complain.
and cry on the phone because i would.
UGH! totally bitchy statement.

i love a good bra. especially when pregnant. gotta get the girls up off the belly, so you feel like you have a waist still. or some definition anyway.

that sucks!

you are a brave brave soul to go shopping with the herd. i used to do it constantly but have lost my nerve on that score. i'm like a shut in now.

i hope you found something fabulous while shopping. so it made it worth it.

pam said...

Wow, I can't believe people say some things. Who cares what some little girl thinks at the store or anyone else. I say GO YOU!! Kids are a harder job than anything else.

Jenifer said...

What a cow. You need to feel pampered and pretty! I bet she was 17 and had no idea what she was talking about. Love the title. I was giggling before the page finshed loading!

RhondaLue said...

People like that can KISS MY GRITS!

I hate it too. A strange man in an elevator a couple weeks ago told me I needed to figure out what's causing all that. (the kids).

i can take a lighthearted joke but that's one thing I get sick of, comments about my family. I have a sis-in-law and brother that actually GOT MAD at me every time I announced a pregnancy. I take nothing from anyone, don't ask for babysitters..NOTHING! Why would they get MAD because I wanted a big family? so stupid.

Kricket said...

Ya know, maybe she meant that you don't need lingerie b/c obviously you and your hubbie have no probs in the bedroom as evidenced by the kids? Dunno, just trying to make you feel better lol. I'm sorry you had a rough day. It's hard enough getting out of the house let alone running errands with kids only to have someone be a snob to you. Don't take it personally. She has no idea what it's like to be a REAL woman. :P

Oh btw, I call mine GORILLA BOOBS rofl.

Shelli said...

What are you doing out of bed??? I don't think going to the store was in the doctor's orders! Make Tony buy you T-shirts from now on, and REST!!!