Monday, April 13, 2009

A Very Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Hope your day was wonderful!

It was such a nice day for us! I had been planning all week trying to get as much done ahead of time so that Sunday would be a nice relaxing day. And~it was!

I made the 8 layer Easter jello, funeral potatoes, deviled eggs, and rolls the night before so that for Easter dinner all we had to do was pop the rolls, ham and potatoes in the oven and chop the strawberries up for the shortcake. And I used foil pans and paper plates! clean up! Brilliant! I know, I know Corrine....Paper plates are for picnics! I hear your voice as I was buying them ( Hehehe) but hey, they are also for crazy overwhelmed moms too! And I think my kids like not having to do dishes last night! I will admit I was feeling guilty not having nice dishes on the table but I think I am over it!

And guess what? I even went to church. At 9am! yes...9am! I only lasted for sacrament though. Zachary told me it was embarrassing hearing me puke in the bathroom when they were in the halls. What can you do when the church leaves the door to the bathrooms open? Even when I close them someone opens them so when you are puking everyone hears you! Nice! I don't do too well at that hour. It takes me a bit to get over puking in the morning and I was done.

So I went home, got some food, and put the ham in.

We had a wonderful early dinner, a egg hunt for the younger ones and just a super nice relaxing day! I even read a book for about a hour! WOW! What a difference this year. usually I cook and clean all day long and it is not fun!
Look at this pic of my lil fatty. Don't ya just want to gobble him up? He gets mad at me when I get those fat cheeks. I just can't help myself. He is too cute. I love him in a tie for church too. He looks so handsome!Here are a few more photos of the day. If it's photo overload, skip the slide!
Hope you all had as nice a day as we did!


Mike, Suzann and Family said...

Happy Easter to you guys. Loved the pictures. They all looked so cute. Glad to hear you had a fantastic day. You have SO earned it.

Jenifer said...

Happy it was a good day! Your kids look adorable!

Kricket said...

I am SO glad I'm not the only one who can't handle church at 9 a.m. due to pregnancy. Your mom keeps asking me where I was every time I miss. Isn't that funny? I'm not nearly as sick as you but I do feel pretty rotten that early in the morning.

The kids look so cute. I love the girls' matching dresses. I'm really glad you felt well enough for that yummy Easter dinner. Btw, where can I find the dang recipe for funeral potatoes???

RhondaLue said...

na na na na na na na na...twilight zone. We had the same meal, minus the deviled eggs. Ham, funeral potatoes, rolls, and strawberry shortcake! All I can say is great minds think alike!

I'm glad you posted. I was thinking about you last night wondering how you were. Hoping you were full-blown PRE-E. how is that going anyway?

Pics are beautiful! Oh but could you please send me lil handsome man in the tie and green sweater? I need to begin gobbling up those cheeks!

Ginger said...

I am glad you had a good Easter. It is always one of my favorite days. We also had the same meal (surprise, surprise!). Everyone looks so cute in their Easter clothes.

Juli said...

I can't get over how much Ethan looks like Zach! The easier the better, I hate doing dishes. Great idea! I think I will do that next year. :)
Congrats, on getting to church too! You are super woman! MWAH Love you.

Bonnie said...

We colored eggs with our boys over the weekend, too. The slide of your daughter sitting on the table coloring eggs -- is what my two year old son was doing! He was driving my older son nuts, making a mess and mixing all the colors!

Kendra said...

Your kids look great! I love Spring colors and matching Easter Dresses! I am glad that you were able to plan ahead and enjoy your day. We missed you at the zoo, but I hope you are feeling better by the Mother's Day program!


You are soo good to get so much done in advance. I need to be better about that. Your kids look beautiful. You deserve a break and a good day and I am so glad that you got one!

Cara said...

I'm so glad you had such a relaxing day! You deserve it! And your kids are as adorable as ever! Love the slide show. I'll have to figure that out and put it on my blog. I miss you♥