Friday, April 3, 2009


Violets are blue
My mom has ovaries

And I do too!!!!

Yep folks~

The girls are super excited. Zach doesn't really care and I am good with either. So I am excited to know so that the shopping can now begin! I have NOTHING at all for a girl anymore, so I will have fun putting a serious dent in the bank account!

How do you like the poem? I had to laugh cause I was looking online for "cute ways to announce the gender of your baby" and they had that one and the one for a boy went almost the same. Roses are red,violets are blue my dad has a penis and I do too! hmmm cute way? I laughed and laughed.Who thinks this crap up anyway?

It was pretty fun seeing the baby sucking it's thumb and kicking and moving all over. It makes it so real. I am getting excited.

The bummer part of the day? I gained 6.5 lbs!!!! In three weeks! What the crap? I am still puking everyday so I was so freakin irritated. At least I lost so much weight already that I am only 2 lbs over my starting weight.

And my blood pressure is sky high. I am having to do a test this weekend where I collect urine for 24 hours and then go back into the drs for some blood tests. They think I have preeclampsia already! At only five months! Yikes. I am a little worried about this. Silly me thinking maybe this baby I might avoid some bed rest. Ugh. We'll see. Maybe things will work out ok still. I am just glad the baby is looking really healthy for now.

So, I am a rock star cause even though I look and feel like a whale I am going to post pics of my new "do' since people keep bugging me to show how it looks! I like it even if my kidlets don't. What do they know anyhow? They are a bunch of butt pickers who eat their boogers so I will take their opinion of what is good with a grain of salt!

If you don't like it keep your opinion to yourself. I am hormonal after all!


The Northwest Bunch said...

I am so excited that you are having a very healthy baby girl!!! Yeah!!! I love your posts they always make me laugh and sometimes cry.

Your hair is too fabulous. I love the color and the style. Do not let your kids rain on your parade. You look amazing.

Also you do not have three chins. You look very thin in your face so I do not know whee you put on 6.5 lbs.????

kristifritzel said...

I love the hair cut! Completely ignore your children, they are feral after all and don't have a clue what civilized people should look like.

I wouldn't believe you gained weight. Your face is so thin, you are starting to look a little anorexic. I'm guessing the only big part of you is the belly.

Yeah, preeclampsia already. They typically diagnose it around 20 weeks. You are right in there. Fun for you!

I am so happy she is healthy! Too bad it's not a boy, I could have sent you all of the boy clothes back. ;) HMMMMMM I need to go girl clothes hunting now.

Love you!

Jenifer said...

I love the new look! It is very flattering and chic! Very fun. How exciting for a little girl! Aren't you dying over all the little easter dresses? It makes me want to have a baby girl!

RhondaLue said...

You look FAB-U-LOUS!! Don't listen to kids. My teenager tells me I act like a 12 yr old. She's totally off by like 2 yrs so whatev!

YIKES about pre-e. I'm momma to a preemie and know lots of women that went through that and I hope, hope, HOPE the rest of this pg can just go smooth already. Poor YOU!!

Do WHATEVER the heck they say and hopefully we can all pray the pre-E away.

YEAH FOR BABY GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I don't know who makes those up but I could totally rake in the dough if all I have to do is use names of sex parts and make poems up about them. I'd totally be the bomb at that.

p.s. who's your doc?

Crazymamaof6 said...

it's totally cute hair! love it! and you look FABULOUS! all that puking did you well. i kind of count on losing some serious weight , so i don't gain much overall. hee hee.

yay a girl! SO FUN! whoohoo for shopping!
funny poems. i'll have to remember that for someday. HEE HEE!

Mike, Suzann and Family said...

I LOVE your hair. I think you look great. Especially since I know how sick you are. Congratulations on the baby girl.!

pam said...

Congrats!! I love the poem. It made me laugh.

Hang in there it will be over all to soon. I was feeling so crappy and now the wait is over. You can do it!!

Ginger said...

Yeah! Girls are so fun to dress up and it will probably have curly hair. Any names yet? I love your hair. It is super cute. I don't think your weight gain is showing, but if you do it too many times, it will. Not really fair since you can't keep anything down. But I think you are looking great.

Cheffie-Mom said...

Congratulations!! Woo hoo!!

Kricket said...

Congratulations on the baby girl! I'm glad everything is okay with the baby. That has to be so scary when you're that sick.

I love your hair! And, you look super skinny so I don't know why you're worried about the 6.5lbs! Also, I don't see any pregnancy mask, woman. You look fabulous!!!

Lori said...

Congrats! Girls are so fun. And your hair is way cute. Love the layers. I so need a haircut. Thanks for inspiring me!

Shelli said...

Congratulations, Lauri! I'm excited for you. Plus, you look so GOOD! The hair is fabulous, but overall you look wonderful. Too bad you're wearing the "hormone" glasses right now, cuz I think you'd strut a little otherwise.


Your hair is very cute. Kids can suck sometimes. Yeah! A girl. I love getting to dress them up. It is so much fun. The best part - getting to finally hold them and nurse them and no puking!

Cara said...

I love the new look! You look FAB!!! Congrats on the girl. I am all over the girl stuff (I have no choice). It's all so cute! I am missing have a little around that I can dress how I want. My kids have opinions now! YUCK!