Sunday, May 25, 2008

52 Blessings Project~Week21

My Inlaws!

We have had some challenging health issues these past few months with family members on my husbands side. As a result I have spoken on the phone with my mother in law every 2-3 days.I have loved having regular interactions with them, keeping up on the latest happenings in every ones lives, and hearing funny stories of my father in law tinkering in his yard! Last week as we were talking, I was saying what a blessing my husband was in my life. I just love his sense of humor, his integrity, and the way he loves me and takes care of me and our children. I thought how grateful I was that my husband had such amazing parents to raise him to be the wonderful man that he has become. I can see a piece of each of them in him. I appreciate the strong sense of faith and family that was instilled in him from the very moment he was born! He is the person he is because he had such wonderful parents.

Wally and Isabel, Thank you for making me feel such a part of this wild, wonderful family! If I could have picked out grandparents for my kids or inlaws to be a part of their family, I couldn't possibly have chosen any better!


Vidal's Nest said...

I can only say that it is true

Amber said...


What the crap!? You have a blog and don't tell me? Wanna be added to Mile High Mamas' blogroll??

carrie & troy keiser said...

I agree, good in-laws are a wonderful blessing!