Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spring Break Disneyland!

On our trip to California for spring break we went to Disneyland! Ethan was 6 weeks old, and Grace was 17 months old last time we were there. So I was really looking forward to taking them!

The very first ride we went on was the jungle cruise. It scared the crap out of them and they weren't sure they wanted to see the rest of Disneyland.

Fortunatly they got over that quickly! It was a perfect day there! Perfect. We walked on all the rides! Just walked. For the pirates of the caribean we had no one in front of us till we got to the boat loading dock! It was awesome! We went on several rides back to back cause there was no wait. The weather was perfect. Not hot. Not cold!

I don't think I've ever been when it has been like that!

One of the funnest thing to watch was during the parade they pulled Grace up to dance with them! And she shook her booty like there was no tomorrow! People were laughing and pointing out how cute/funny she was! She is my wild girl! Let's hope she keeps the public booty shakin to a minimum in the years to come.

Best day ever at Disneyland! All the kids had a great time and I LOVED watching them as they were amazed and delighted! It was magical!

I Love Disneyland!!!

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Dan and Jan said...

Lucky! I love Disneyland too, but I have never seen it not crowded.