Friday, May 14, 2010

Heaven! I'm In Heaven!

We made it! We are in Rocky Point Mexico! Just Tony, the baby and I!
It was only about a four hour drive from our house. Pretty cool! Tony won the trip in a golf tournament so it's free so I'm liking it even better!
Check out the first thing I saw when we got to our condo! The VIEW!! Ahhh how I love the ocean!
We unpacked everything then we headed into town to do a little exploring and get something to eat.
The town is a quaint fishing village and is known for its seafood. There are little storefronts that have fresh seafood that you pick and they cook it for you. We went off the beaten path a little and found a hole in the wall restaurant called the Blue Marlin. I ordered fish tacos and Tony ordered a shrimp platter. Mine I thought was just marginal but Tony really liked his. What made the lunch great though was the people. The owner came over and asked if we were being treated like family. Mi Casa es su Casa! Cause his home is our home! And then some musicians came over and serenaded us while we ate! Love a little flavor of the locals!
Check out this adorable kid selling bracelets! I felt bad bargaining with him cause he was so cute. But I got over it of course cause I like a good deal!
The Diet Cokes aren't really Diet Cokes! They are Coca Cola light. They taste way too much like good ol regular Coke. Too sweet, but it works in a pinch since I am too afraid to drink the water

After lunch we did some shopping then headed back to the hotel to change and head down to the beach and pool.
The pool is so warm and the weather was perfect! After a bit we then went down to the beach! Love, love, love the beach! And I guess my baby has a little more Latino in her than I thought cause she DOES like the beach! But only Mexican beaches. Not the ones in Cali! She loved eating the sand, and splashing in the water.
I love laying on the chaise lounge and having these little women come up selling their goods! I had to buy a few more bracelets for the girls! Tomorrow I am gonna bring some more cash cause I love the bargaining/shopping while soaking up the sun on the beach!
After about a hour the tide went out and once it did the beach was covered in amazing seashells that had been covered by the water!
Sometimes we'd go to pick up a shell and it would start to move! Crabs were in them!
And if you looked in the shallow water you could see big crabs running sideways in the surf. So stinkin cool!
We found tons of cool shells that we took back to the condo. It was funny rinsing them off cause some started to move and we realized a few of them had crabs in them! Opps!
To finish off the evening we went to eat at the restaurant here. We sat on the patio outside and listened to the live music! The had a lady that makes homemade tortillas for you as you wait. Mmmm my fav!
I love Mexico and am so excited to have had this chance to come!
I'm thinking tomorrow I am gonna plant my bum in a hammock with a good book and a Diet Coke!
Heaven! I'm in Heaven!


Shelli said...

It sounds heavenly! How wonderful for you guys. Dang, and you really needed a break, too. Glad you had such a fantastic time.

Ginger said...

It sounds perfect, almost like the old Mexico I remember. Be careful. Glad you had funa and are safe.

RhondaLue said...

Rocky point is only four hours away? I like!