Friday, January 15, 2010

Today There's A Crap Storm Raining Down On Me And I Don't have A Umbrella!

My husband came home from work today and asked how my day was. And I found myself laughing~in a kinda crazy/I may never stop laughing~kinda way. Cause that's how I handle stress.I figure it was either laugh or cry and I was NOT going to cry NOT going to let the animals know they had gotten the best of me!
Oh yeah...It's been one of THOSE days!

Some of the highlights of the day began with chocolate milk spilled on my carpet,Grace hitting me and screaming cause I wanted to brush her rat's nest/hair,cleaning pee off the floor cause my once potty trained for months and months child has now decided to pee her pants instead. Every time! And the fighting. OH the fighting.over and over again. The biting, scratching, punching, pinching,Screaming. We had it all. Oh yeah UFC you got nothin on us!

And with that fighting they kept waking Adelynn over and over and over. The poor baby was so tired and now cranky too!
So in total frustration I sent the kids outside to play while I got Adie back to sleep. Then I went in my room to pick it up.Then maybe ten minutes later Bailey told me I just had to come see Adelynn.What?? She was sleeping! Well Bailey had woke her up and taken her out of her swing and taken her outside!And propped her in a chair so the baby could watch her hula hoop! Oh my hell! I about died! But the baby was cracking up. So hard so I had Grace go get me the camera. And as I was taking pictures I noticed Ethan down on all fours. Eating something off the ground like a dog.Oh not a dog. A Cat! He was eating cat food he had spilled all over the floor.Apparently it was delicious cause that's what he told me! A little later the neighbor next door came over (you know..the one who if I say "Hi" to either of them they pretend not to hear and ignore me) She was really pissed. Cause our garden drip system was flooding the rocks on the side of her house. I told her I'd have my husband take care of it but No, she wanted me to see it! So here is a pic of it! I noticed the dog crap in her rocks and thought at least she can't blame that on us. But then I had the horrifying thought maybe it wasn't dog crap and maybe she could blame it on us! Ughh. Whatever!

Once she pointed out the water flooding to me the kids saw it and then I couldn't keep the kids out of it! Ethan kept taking his diaper off and "swimming" in it!

Burnt out with crying, fighting kids, rude neighbors, cranky baby who had no sleep I was bout done! Then mouthy teen who is grounded for a month came home from school with a buddy telling me he was going to the game and he'd like to see me try to stop him!

It was then that I asked Rach to watch the kids and I grabbed my keys and took off. Finally settled on going to the library.The nice QUIET library. Then just as I was settling in I got a phone call from the hubs. I forgot to leave money for the maids so I had to return home!

Sighhh.....Some days it just feels like there's a crap storm raining down on me and I don't have a umbrella! Now where the hell is that emergency stash of chocolate???


Amanda said...

ok as scary and a little horrific it is to find your infant outside without you knowing. it turned out kinda cute. your older ones just wanted to share their joy with their baby sister. i just love that cuz' ginger wakes up zoey all the time to play with her. i'm sorry that you had a crap day.

Shelli said...

Oh, Lauri, I'm so sorry you had one of those days! They suck, and you did the best thing possible -- escape.

My teens have pulled that one on me, too. I remind them that no, I can't necessarily "stop" them, but I can make the consequences so incredibly awful that they would rather be dead.

Hang in there!!! This too shall pass.

sherry said...

And your starving. Which doesn't help. Having teenagers and babies at the same time is not easy! I think we should have oneor the other. Easy teenagers or easy babies. If it makes you feel any better I screamed at my husband today like a freakin crazy lady. And I knew I was crazy while I was doing it. But I kept doing it. ANd did it again. Because I am crazy. Sounds like we need a girls night out....tell Tony and lets do it.

Ginger said...

I agree with Shelli, it is a bad combination teens and tots. Although you have recorded it so maybe you can use it to blackmail Ethan when he is a teenager.

Crazymamaof6 said...

hugs! sounds like a day from HELL!
hang in there, hope days like that are few and far between!

RhondaLue said...

Thank you.

Thank you for making me feel totally normal. I was just thinking today how nobody around me really lives my life. It's sort of an isolating feeling when you think that nobody else has a 5 yr old that punched his mom in the face just before getting on the bus to school. But who am I kidding? I bet your kids don't punch YOU, probably just eachother. LOL

I've had a few of those days. And dagnabit I don't know where to run away to! I've gone to the library before too, though! I wonder how many stressed out moms are sitting there trying to get into a book just to be in peace. Seriously, probabliymore than we know. lol

Cara said...

Like I said - crazy is boring! Love reading your blog♥