Sunday, January 10, 2010

52 Blessings Project~ Week 2

This Week I Am Grateful For~My Sweet Baby Adelynn!

This little girl is such a sweetheart! I love that she is such a mama's girl! One of the tricks that the older kids like to do with her is to turn her around so that she sees me whenever I ask them to hold her. Cause without fail, once she sees me she will start to complain. And if I don't give in and pick her up she throws a full on tantrum! They know it is a sure fire way to get out of holding her!

During the day if I am trying to get something done I will try to put her in her swing. And if I ignore her and keep picking up, she yells and yells at me. But as soon as I turn around and talk to her she stops immediately and starts to smile! She can be crying and then will stop instantly and smile. She is trying to sweeten me up so I will get her! Her little arms start pumping like crazy and she coos and smiles at me. I love it! I love kissing those chubby cheeks, and tickling her fat little ham hocks (thighs!) I am so in love with this little girl and feel so happy having her in my life!

She is one of the best surprises ever!

This past week has been hairy! Issue after issue with one of my kids. To say the least it has been a very stressful week.

Then a few nights ago it was about midnight and I was laying in bed. Couldn't sleep. Thinking of ways I could help things turn around. And frustrated with the tension between me and my kid! My heart was heavy. And then little Adie started crying! So I got up and put her in bed with me. She was hungry and wanted to nurse. I laid down next to her and she turned into me to nurse. She was all business. And my mind went back to my other child. And I wondered if I am just screwing them all up. If it was my fault that they are struggling. And just as I was wondering this Adelynn pulls off from nursing rolls back onto her back and looks me straight in the eyes. And just stares at me with such a intense gaze. Then she gives me the sweetest smile, rolls back on her side and goes back to sleep while nursing. And crazy as it seems it comforted me! Her little smile reminded me I am just doing the best I can. Yeah~ She probably was just being her sweet little self but that look, that smile was just what I needed at the moment!

When dealing with older, mouthy kids, what a breathe of fresh air she brings to my day! I will take a fussy, cranky, baby over a hormonal teen any day of the week~ And for that I am very grateful!


Ginger Proffitt said...

She is the cutest and sweetest baby. As far as the other ones go, just don't give up. As long as you keep trying they will pull through.

Shelli said...

Babies are a blessing. Definitely so much easier than teens! I think the key to success is the same, though. Just keep loving them, no matter what, no matter how unlovable they get. Hang in there, Lauri, it gets better! And I know you are a great mom.

RhondaLue said...

You made me cry Lauri!

What a beautiful gift that baby has been, and you friggin' deserve for her to be such a joy when you went through SO. MUCH. to get her here.

I think that's how we'll feel in heaven when this life is through. Even with the teenagers...when you are a forever family spending an eternity together...well, you'll deserve it after going through SO. MUCH, to get those teens there with you.

Hang in there Lauri. I don't know what the mouthy teens have been up to but I know that love and forgiveness and prayer, well, they really work.

Cara said...

She is darling. I keep saying I want another baby so I can have one with no opinion!