Friday, February 6, 2009

Is Relief In Sight???

Man I hope so. Stick a fork in me. I think I am done! Cooked!

After my Dr appt last week things kinda went downhill. Couldn't stop puking. Went to the ER on Wed night and had IVs and meds. Felt better for about half of a day.

Then it got ugly. I couldn't stop puking at all. Non stop. It got so I couldn't even stand without getting dizzy and feeling like I was going down.

Sunday night I finally called the Dr and they told me to go to the ER again but I couldn't stand the thought. Hours of waiting and smelling all the smells in the room. So I tried waiting till Monday and headed into my Dr's office.

They weighed me and I had lost 8 lbs in 6 days and was a wreck. They sent me to the ER right then. The ER started IV's and took labs. The labs showed I was in a bit of trouble so they admitted me to the hospital for a few days.
It was actually kind of nice. They kept me drugged up real good and for the first time in weeks I actually felt better! I couldn't eat anything still but I was feeling OK. And I had the nicest charge nurse the first night. She came into my room at night when she started her shift and sat on my bed. She asked me if I was LDS (was it in my charts?) and I told her I was. She told me she was the relief society president in her ward and if I were in her ward she would make sure that they cared for me and helped me so that it would be easier. She said she wanted to get my relief society pres name and number and said she thought it would be nice to call her and explain that I really need help. She made me weepy. She totally got how dang hard this is. I told her I don't really think there is anything the ward can do but she was so nice telling me I needed help when I got home if I was going to be able to carry this baby.She said she thought even with the pump I was going to have a uphill battle. I have to say I just appreciated the compassion. I felt so exhausted emotionally and physically and It was nice to have someone understand that I am having a hard time.
Fortunately my DR said she wouldn't let me go home until I had some kind of home care in place. So the hospital went to work getting my insurance to approve the pump. The insurance said they would and assigned me a nurse to follow my care. That night the hospital told me I couldn't be released because the insurance wouldn't pay the cost of the pump. I freaked. The hospital was trying to set up critical care at home that would give me IVs nonstop until I not going to happen. I called the nurse the insurance assigned to me and was hysterical and explained I have 6 kids at home and being on IVs for the next 6 months is not a option. It is no quality of life. I also pointed out that it put me at risk for infection .So I told her I wanted the names of everyone refusing to pay what Matria charged so that I could hold the insurance liable if anything should happen to me physically or mentally.
She told me she would look into it and magically the next day they approved the pump!
So after three days I finally got to go home. Matria came out yesterday and set up the pump and I am good to go. The DR ordered IVs five days a week, but I have declined. Who can function like that? Dang!
Today I had a phone call from my Visiting teacher and she is a nurse. I am not sure even what to say to her. She seems to think that since I have the pump I am like my old self. When I explained it keeps me out of the hospital but I am sick all day long still she kinda blew me off. told me I should be just fine now so she was going to call her companion to schedule a time to come over. I don't want people over when I feel like this. I still puke. I still feel sucky. I'm not sure how to explain to her that it is not all roses. I always feel like I come off as a bitch to my VT when I don't want them over if I am having a hard time. I HATE having them tell me how I should feel when I am pregnant.
Have I mentioned how much I hate being pregnant? Oh.. and I had someone tell me my attitude was all wrong~ It was appalling. So..I would just say I do not feel this baby is not a mistake. It may not have been planned but it is not a mistake. I love every single one of my kids and feel they bless my life.But. I hate being pregnant. Every single minute of it sucks. And I am a baby and a whiner. A big complainer. And I will be until the day I deliver. If I bother you, just stay away. I get over it. In about six months....
And I do feel a little better!Good news???? the pump. Maybe relief IS in sight!


Jenifer said...

Someone actually told you your attitude was wrong? I will kick their butt! I can't believe what you are going through. I'm so happy that you had that nurse. Heaven sent for sure! And you need new VT's Ridiculous. I'm so mad right now. I may write some more later, but I can't formulate my thoughts.
I will keep you in my prayers. Make sure you make everyone take good care of you!

RhondaLue said...

Me and Jennifer both will kick their butt! Some people have NO compassion. I'm not one to get too sick during pregancy and there's STILL plenty to complain about so that person needs to shut their yap!!

Oh and I've just assigned myself to be your new VT. Where do you live? Seriously, are you in Az? I'm totally serious. Can you tell I'm serious? You need dinners for your fam, someone to check in on you and maybe a bathroom or 2 scrubbed along with a kitchen!

So seriously, do you live by me?

Mike, Suzann and Family said...

Personally, I think you have a fantastic attitude! We all have your back Lauri! You are taking an extremely rough situation and still looking at the bright side. That is extrememly hard to do in your circumstances. Glad to hear you have some relief though. What a blessing to have had that nurse. You need to find out what ward she is in and let that ward adopt you :)....Get rest and let your family help! Love you !

Shelli said...

It's nice when angels are sent right when you need them most. I'm glad you had the right person at the right time at the hospital. Let the VT's come over, so they can see how things really are. Aim at them if you can. Play it real. Hopefully, you'll finally get someone who can pick up where your night nurse left off.

BTW -- your attitude is pleasant and delightful compared to teenagers!

kristifritzel said...

I am so glad you got the help you need. And I totally agree with Shelli, let them see you in all your vomitous glory! Aiming in their direction would be helpful. When they come, don't even go to the toilet, just keep a puke bucket in your lap! She's a nurse, she's seen it before. If not, then they can deal with it and leave you be.
I think your attitude is great. I would be whiny too. I was, and I never was a sick as you. When I got pregnant with Shaun, I cried a lot at first. I didn't think I could deal with it.
One thing. GET THE IVS! Dehydration make you vomit more. And can cause miscarriages. Not nice to have them, bu they do make you feel better.

Crazymamaof6 said...

OH that sucks! glad they approved the pump finally. insurance run arounds SUCK!

hang in there!


Was the person who told you your attitude is wrong a man? Or maybe one of those women who love pregnancy? I hate it when people who have never had rough pregnancies make comments like that. One woman told me she just used mind over matter and kept herself busy. If I did that, I would be busy cleaning up puke!

Your sweet nurse reminded me of a quote by President Spencer W. Kimball:
"God does notice us, and he watches over us. But it is usually through another person that he meets our needs. Therefore, it is vital that we serve each other."

Wish that I could be there to help. Our prayers are with you. I will also have Brent put you name on the prayer roll when he goes to the temple on Friday.


PS Your picture looks like a nipple at first glance. Hehehe. Who let the dogs out???