Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Fall Escape Day 2!

So on day 2 we got up at the buttcrack of dawn and I made a huge yummy breakfast for everyone.

Grace was once again beside herself at the thought of getting to sit down and eat together at that round table! It made me smile the whole time I was cooking to see her excitement over it! She had to set the table to help make things go quicker. Plates, yep..cups, yep..silverware..."Bailey hurry and get your butt in here we gotta get this table set so we can eat" ( guess she just couldn't contain herself!) Funny.She is a freakin awesome kid! I love this girl's personality!

After breakfast I cleaned up then started making chili for the crockpot. We wanted to go explore and I wanted to make sure dinner would be done when we got home so I wouldn't have to worry about it!

Then we were off. I love exploring the mountains. Wherever we have lived Tony and I have always loved driving exploring the mountains. I love finding wildflowers and pressing them in my scriptures. I have some from ten years ago that I can still tell you where we picked them!

We were on the hunt to find a lake called Big Lake. I heard it was beautiful but we had yet to go there.

The drive was beautiful! It reminded me of living in Utah and Colorado! It made me happy. The big pine trees, the aspens just starting to turn color for fall!Heaven!

It turned into quite a adventure! It was raining and we were on a dirt road.I thought for sure we were going to roll the car or get stuck in the mud. Tony and I were tense but the little ones loved the bouncing all over the place!

Then we found this fabulous river. Ahhh I love rivers like this! I was sad I didn't have some salmon eggs and treble hooks with a fishing pole! I miss going to the river to fish!

After the river we found the lake. It was as amazing as we heard. I thought I might cry. It reminded me of my favorite campground in Utah..Currant Creek! Right here in Arizona! Happy times are here again!

It was raining at the lake so we only spent a little bit of time there walking around and taking pictures.
(notice the ever elusive teen attempting to avoid all pictures!)

Now folks, I promised Tony I wouldn't post this pic but it is too awesome to not share! I thought I was taking pics of the kids exploring and when we got back to the cabin I downloaded the pics and saw Ethan in the background! Peeing in the lake! haha! He is such a animal. And I have the pictures to prove it!! It was so funny to see that he was doing that and I didn't even notice at the time!

We had a perfect day rain and all and when we were tired we
got to head back to find
some delicious hot chili waiting for dinner. Perfect!


Jenifer said...

LOVE the last pic! hahaha! Don't you just love the fall? sigh....

Kricket said...

I love the fall! Yay for the holidays!

Kricket said...

How'd you get the pictures so big on your blog? Is it a different template? I love that I can totally see more. =)

Kricket said...

Ok, I'm posting again. I miss your blog woman! Is everybody on Facebook now or what?!? I really love reading the blogs. FB is too impersonal imo. Miss your stories lady!