Saturday, September 4, 2010

Surprise My Pet!!

This Wednesday Zachary is turning 18!!! And usually for his birthday he doesn't really want to do anything for it. He has always told me he just isn't into a party so he hasn't had one in years!
But this year was going to be different! Cause his girlfriend Lauren just wasn't having none of that!
She decided she wanted to throw a surprise party for him. She was so sweet about it because she told me that since it was a big year for him, turning 18 and all it was very important. One he would always remember and she wanted to make sure that when he thought back to this year he would remember how many people really love him! Her entire goal was to make him feel special and loved! She is such a sweetie!
So I agreed to help her throw a surprise party with some of his closest friends.And then it started looking like about 30 people, then 50 people and by the end we were looking at about 70!!! Holy crap!

Tonight was the party and when Zach first walked into the party he was TOTALLY surprised! Seriously! We pulled it off! AWESOME!! I still can't believe that we pulled this one off!

Lauren and her girlfriends made a giant cake out of cardboard boxes.
The they had this inside~ Abe .......

Oh yeah..And Jake!!! I wasn't really getting what they were planning on doing! Not yet anyhow!
So they sat Zach down on a chair as soon as he got there and they put some music on. And Abe and Jake jumped out of the cake.

Wrong on so many levels. Seriously! But...seriously hilarious. (i was kinda embarrassed laughing my butt off like i did) Jake stole the show for sure!! Makes you wonder if he's had some prior experience there! Haha!

These boys crack me up! They have all been such good friends for the past four years and they are all great kids!
They are crazy and all but they are good kids. I am grateful for that!

Tony and I left shortly after the ummm...cake dance!
And I am so pleased that the party was a huge success! Tons of food, tons of good friends, Karaoke ( you shoulda heard them boys singing!), swimming, etc! The kids were having a great time and I am certain that without a doubt that exactly what Lauren wanted for Zachary has happened! He will look back with fond memories of his 18th birthday and know he had so many friends and family that loved him and were happy to be able to share that day with him!
And Lauren! Thanks sweetheart! We love you!


RhondaLue said...

HA HA HA!!!! HILARIOUS. I love teenagers when they are fun like this! :)

A party to remember for sure!! ;)

~Kammie~ said...

LOL too funny! yes, he will definitely remember this birthday forever...looks like a great time was had by all

great job girls!

Shelli said...

How fun! I'm so glad you survived. Happy Birthday, Zach!

Kricket said...

That looks like so much fun. I would have been so anxious with all those teenagers in my house. I know we've all gotten bad with posting but I hope to see more of your posts. They always make me laugh!