Sunday, June 20, 2010

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Summer is in full gear here and of course, hotter than ever! By Weds. this week it is supposed to be 111 degrees! Yikes!
I have been trying to plan activities for us to try to keep busy. I saw one friend who has activities EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK! Ok super mama, let me know how that works for you and how much prozac you were poppin to accomplish it! One or two things a week is fine for me thank you very much! I am just too dang lazy to load up all the little ones and herd them places!
I also am trying to do it on the cheap! I just don't want to blow money.
Here's what we have done so far!
Taco Tuesday~ We hit Rubios for some $1.49 tacos! My kids LOVE Fish And Tacos! They thought it was awesome!
The Movies~ We went and saw Shrek 3! They loved it. Adelynn behaved perfectly and slept through the whole thing. Since it was just me and the 4 little ones I brought the stroller and she was perfect. Ethan was too. Almost to the end!
The Local Pool~ It is only 50 cents per kid to go the pool. It is one of their favorite places to go. It has water slides, a lazy river, geyser's, and a whirlpool. We pack a lunch and I sometimes let them buy a Italian ice too.
Check out this lady who sat in front of me! Freakishly anorexic! You could see every bone in her spine! And her arms! Whoa!
People watching there is a crack up.The clothes instead of swimsuits, the thug wannabees, The tattoo's. Oh the tattoo's! What were they thinking? Oh and a bonus is that there is usually someone grosser, or trashier than me so it helps me not feel so bad about myself! The bikinis with their goods hanging out is scary/crazy. Lots of wild things I'm surprised to see. Fun for the kids, fun for me.
The Zoo~ We happened to pick one of the coolest days of the summer. It was perfect! We packed a lunch and ate by the lake. Ethan kept screaming he just saw a giant walleye jump!
We saw lots of fun animals,played at the kids playground, petted goats, and even splashed at the splash pad. Awesome zoo trip!

Krispy Kreme~ We went for national donut day! Free donuts. who doesn't love that?
So for this week I think we might be busy. The library has some fun stuff going on.
Tomorrow we are going to go to the Library for a free craft. (FREE! I love free!)
Tuesday we are going to the farm/peach grove to pick peaches then we are going to water and ice to get a ice cream. That night we are having the missionaries over for dinner. We love our missionaries! (chinese take out!They are stoked and I am too since no cooking!)
Wednesday I am taking Hannah and her friend to the library to make Free jewelry! It's a beading class, and once again....FREE!
Thursday we are hitting the library again for a juggler that sings and tells stories! Should be fun~ For the kids anyway!

So~ tell me what you are doing for summer. Do you have any good ideas that are cheap (cause I am kinda...) or even better, free?
The week after next I have scrapbooking with Hannah at the scrapbook store and the pool. What Else can we do???


Amanda said...

sounds like you got everything under control there! i'm not even doing all that. we have a pool in our apartment so we'll hit that as often as we can. and we'll call some friends to join us. i'm thinking of doing an alice in wonderland night... i'll invite some of gingers friends and i'll have finger foods and they'll all eat on the floor watching the movie. that's about as creative as i got. it looks like you'll have a busy fun summer!

Shelli said...

Tons of fun! That's a nice local pool. I've taken mom's list of fun things to do and adapted them a bit. I have a list of twenty five things the kids can choose from when they decide they are bored. Then I'll let them do most of the planning and performing. Hopefully we'll get to have a little summer fun! Also, our ward does Primary swim days, so it's fun to go pool hopping.