Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bailey's Kindergarten Thanksgiving Program!

Wednesday was Bailey's preschool Thanksgiving program. It was pretty fun to watch her. They sang songs and recited poems. And she was really, really into it!

Ethan was being such a pain in the butt though. It was outside so I had Adelynn in the stroller on the hill above the grass watching and he kept running down the hill to the stage. He got on the stage a few times and tried singing with them. Then the principal gave him one of the hats the kids were wearing and he then thought he was a part of the program! It was really embarrassing! People were cracking up but you know they were talking about "that" kid!

After the program we followed the kids back to their class where we had some refreshments. Bailey read some books to Ethan and made sure all her friends were able to see her baby sister!And she was so cute showing Grace around her class room. They would hold hands as they walked around looking at the different stations in the class. I remember when I had Grace 18 months after Bailey and I worried it would be so hard to have them so close together. It has been hard but seeing them now, such good friends, it makes my heart melt! I love their friendship! I love my sisters so much and it makes me feel good knowing they are establishing a friendship that will last them a lifetime! Getting three kids and myself dressed and out the door by eight was such a chore and I kept telling myself I really didn't want to go but I am so grateful that I did! It was a fun program and I really enjoyed my sweet kids!


RhondaLue said...

How cute! You know, My RICKY, is the one that is "THAT KID". Can't take the boy anywhere! But I do, I just have to suffer the consequences! lol

Sometimes I have to fight with myself about going to certain things. Is it WORTH it? usually lugging a few other kids with me, and the stress of it all..but it is always worth it. I know they'll remember that mom was there even if they have no idea how hard it was to get there.

Great pics, by the way!

Ginger said...

Cutest girl ever!

Kricket said...

So cute! I absolutely love her haircut. =) Aren't you glad you had another girl? :P