Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thankful For My Hubby!

Yesterday was a little bit of a rough day. Ethan kept taking off his diaper, pooping on the floor twice, peed on the floor once, choked on a balloon he was trying to blow up and then puking on the floor, and then to top it all off dumping paint he stole from Hannah's room.
Miss Grace and he kept fighting all day long. He wanted to wrestle and she wasn't having any of that. So he'd tackle her and she'd cry and cry. Then cry some more just to be dramatic. Or maybe just to torture me. Not sure which.
And the baby wanted to be snuggled. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'd put her down and then she'd cry. And as soon as I picked her up she'd stop. I'd kiss that soft, sweet head and she'd take a deep sigh and close her eyes. Like everything is perfect.Which is how it feels snuggling her.But is does make it hard to get anything done.
So when Tony came home we were talking about the day. And how crazy it was. And how dang tired I am. He was telling me about a girl from work who just had a baby around the same time I had Adelynn. She is having a hard time because she has had to go back to work and her baby is now in child care! Child care! At this age! I can't hardly believe it!
It got me thinking...what if my kids had been in child care when all this happened? How would they have handled Ethan? I ran him ragged then layed down with him to take a nap. A nap makes everything better. Sure enough when he woke up he was nicer. And easier to handle. In day care would he have spent the day in time out??
And Grace has her days. She is super funny and cute some days and some days she is a handful. But I love her and remember those good days so it makes the bad days OK.
And my lil Adie... Would she have gotten those snuggles? Or would she have been set down to cry it out? It just made me so sad thinking about it.
And it made me realize how lucky I am to be able to stay home with my kidlets. Even when they make me crazy!
So Tony...Thanks for working your butt off to make sure that I am able to be home with our kids. I feel so grateful for this blessing!


Jenifer said...

AMen! It's one thing for me to treat my kids bad ;)when having a bad day or we are all tired, but the thought of my kids in day care not getting what they need....I too am grateful I've always been able to stay home.


I couldn't agree more! My heart aches for those women who have to put their kids in daycare. I have talked with too many women who work in them to ever be comfortable with that. I tell my kids that are my career CHOICE! They are my priority and we will sacrifice whatever it takes to keep it that way. It is hard and there are some days I would love to go to work and feel like a human but for now, I will suck it up because I love the snort out of my kids!

Cheffie-Mom said...

This post brightened my day. You are very blessed! Hugs!

Ginger said...

It really is worth it. These are the things that can't be replaced. It not only is good for them, it is good for you. Just remember, this won't last forever.

Kricket said...

I know what you mean. It's so funny b/c I'm taking this holistic birthing class (I have probs with the epidural - if I didn't I would prefer to be totally drugged up) and everybody in there is sooooo conscientious about every little thing. As part of the class we are included in a yahoo group which emails us daily regarding evil doctors, bad shampoo, and cancer causing fruit etc.

Anyway, I got this email giving me info about daycares. I find it so funny that we are so crazy about BPA free plastic but don't have a prob putting a 6 week old baby in daycare. Don't get me wrong, if you've got to work, for whatever reason, it has to be done. But, I too, am grateful I can stay home.