Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Need To Get It Together Already!

Christmas is here again and I'm not ready!! I think I needed another month to get ready for it. Feels like it kinda snuck up on me. Crazy!
I'm totally sinking this year. I do not have it together at all! I even decided not to do my annual cookie exchange! I am on the ward activities committee and had a lot I had to do for the ward Christmas party. I just felt like I couldn't do both.Sad, sad, sad. It is my very favorite thing to do each year and it is killing me not doing it!
Things kinda went out of control several months when I had surgery and I haven't been able to pull it together since. I am just trying to dig out! How can I feel so dang overwhelmed?
I do think though that I need to start making some effort so I'm not totally bummed. It just doesn't feel like Christmas when in years past my baking looks like this.....
 And this year so far my baking is looking like this..........
I need to get it together already!!!


Kricket said...

I can't believe you did that baking last year! You're mom had a cookie exchange and I'd though I'd die trying to make 3 dozen cookies. You're doing great. We all feel overwhelmed around the holidays. At least you've baked like that in the past. I've never done that! You're the best. Take it easy and don't worry about it. You'll do it next year!

Shelli said...

My cookie exchange is one of the things I miss most. Anneli has been doing most of the baking, with Johni helping a little. She's made 7 1/2 dozen cream cheese cookies (frozen for now) and 8 dozen of the no-bake chocolate peanut butter ones (also in the freezer). She's going to be doing the easy Ritz cracker ones next, and then that's it. We're skipping the sugar cookies and my famous chocolate caramel brownies. But... maybe next year. :)

The Northwest Bunch said...

I chose to not do Christmas cards this year and I am totally bummed. I have not missed in over 10 years. Christmas did come super fast and I feel that I am still scrabbling to finish. But we started a new tradition this year and focused on the needs of others...The 12 Days of Christmas or as Reagan calls it "Operation Christmas". We have had a blast every night delivering goodies to a family in our ward. We hope that we have not been found out because tonight is the last night. The worst part is the fighting of who gets to put the goodies on the doorstep and run!!!

Have a cookie exchange after the New Year. Making cookies after the holidays may be less stressful and more fun. Call it "New Year Cookie Cheer" Stupid I know but it rhymes.

I love ya and you have the BIGGEST HEART of anyone I know!!!!!!!