Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I crack myself up

I Crack myself up! I have started dieting recently and even joined the gym! After signing up for the gym they offer a free personal training session,so I set mine up immediatly.I met my trainer, and she is this 20 something, huge fake boobs, hard assed little thing. We sat down to talk and it became apparent quickly she was a bit grossed out by me and a little condesending too. She informed she she is a size 3-5 just like she was in high school, so no woman can use aging or having kids as a excuse for gaining weight-Just look at her. UGHHH,ok so now I am pissed, so what do I do?? I sign up for more training with her! I can assure I will never miss a appt, I will never work less than 110% I AM GOING TO DO THIS!! Sooo, to help motivate myself, I downloaded a bunch of songs. The first one I start out with is the one you are listening to "You Dropped a Bomb On ME" Funny eh? Especially when my butt cheeks try dancing while the rest of me is trying to exercise. I then go into songs like bootylicious, thong song etc.. I see a pattern here..I like to end with Cool and the Gang "Victory"Well, I have been at it for two weeks now, and am down 5 lbs. I can't wait until I am able to feel good about myself. It has been a long time coming! So my friends, if you are thinking of getting out there and exercizing, think of me, on the treadmill singing you dropped a bomb on me, my butt cheeks dancing,me being the only fat chick in the gym (what's up with that?) then do it.. and share.. let me know so I can use you as motivation when cool and the gang, and miss hard ass are no longer doing it for me!
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by Vidal's Nest
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landerso said...

Good job Laurie! The reason there are no other big girls at the gym is because they are intimidated by the skinny little things. LOL

I'm back at the gym, only 6 months after I joined...only I'm doing a Tai Chi class with others who aren't nearly as big as me. Old fat women with bad knees have to take Tai Chi, or yoga, or pilates :9}

I'll be looking forward to seeing your skinny little butt the next time I see you.
Much love and encouraging thoughts!
Aunt Lynda

Lori ~ LL-K said...

You go Girl!!
Keep up the hard work!!
I love how frank you are!!!

Hope everyone is feeling better!

Cara said...

You are so fun!! My butt cheeks jiggle too darn it! I'll have to work out to that song and think of you.

sherry said...

I'd like to know how many kids miss 20 something has. Tell her to come back and talk to you when she starts having babies after the age of 30. Put her on bed rest for a while with each one, and we'll see how she looks. Sorry, I'm a little pregnant, chubby, and bitter can you tell;) Seeing your cute kids at the beach is like a flash back for me. I find I need labels for your big family picture. I can't tell who belongs to who! But they are all pretty darn cute. I can't wait to see more updates!

kristifritzel said...

Ok, so I have to comment. I recently was reffered to a internal medicine doctor. Apparently I have sleep apnea. Soooo... would you like to know the first thing he said? "Well, your fat is all in the wrong spot for apnea." Yeah, that is my motivation. That and the quadruple butt cheeks. Don't worry, I don't plan on going back to HIM. I am working out 3-4 times a week, depending on work. And I've got my meal plans all laid out for the next 3 weeks. I start in 1 week on the South Beach. Love you

Kendra said...

Your post was hilarious! You crack me up too! Good for you. I can't seem to work up enough energy to sacrifice sleep and start working out yet. The 3 kids (3 and under) is killing me! I used to have friends like your trainor. You know the type that tell you that you really shouldn't let yourself go after that last pregnancy. They are skinny again, right? I think they should try starving THEMSELVES for 9 months and see what that does to their systems...
Anyways, props to you. I love your song choices and maybe someday I'll see you at the gym!